College Football: The Road to the National Championship

There are currently 6 undefeated teams in Division 1 College Football. Two of those teams have extremely weak schedules so they aren’t being considered in the National Championship picture. The other 4 teams are the top 4 and include 1. Alabama, 2. Florida State, 3. Oregon, and 4. Ohio State. Each team has a chance to go to the National Championship at this point, but Alabama is the only one that can seal their fate by just winning the rest of their games. The other 3 teams have to rely on how the others will play. The Bowl Championship Series standings is a computer program that determines the ranking of the teams based on game statistics and match-ups.

Alabama is considered to have the hardest schedule out of all the teams because they play in the South Eastern Conference. The SEC has been seen as the strongest conference in the past few years and are known for teams with powerful defenses. If Alabama wins out they are pretty much guaranteed a spot in the Championship for the third straight year. Number 2, Florida State just came off a huge win against 7th ranked Miami which put them above Oregon for the week. Oregon and Florida State are neck and neck at this point in the standings. Oregon plays a tough game at 5th ranked Stanford this Thursday night, this could catapult them back over FSU depending on how it plays out. The BCS standings has the two teams ranked very closely so it could come down to the performance of each game for Oregon and FSU. There is also Ohio State, they are ranked 4th in the standings and would need both FSU and Oregon to lose a game to jump over both teams. Ohio State is significantly lower in points in comparison to the top three.

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