Communication Greater Than Privacy?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the numerous other apps that have given us the freedom to share our entire lives with the tap of a touch screen, where does it end? There are over a billion active users on Facebook since 2013, many of them openly share their personal information and location on a daily basis. Our society has become about speed, speed, and more speed and the question is “What is being sacrificed in turn?”

The answer is privacy. I can log onto Facebook and know exactly what someone is doing and where they are in a matter of seconds. The importance placed on the need for attention by many people, especially young people, has completely taken the place of discretion. Employers now look into their potential hires social media accounts before making a final decision. It seems almost unfair that the fact of being hired and/or fired from a job is based on some pictures on the internet is a possibility, but who can blame them? If you put it out there, people are going to look.

The social media outlets have many benefits, but as with anything else, they are better in moderation. Posting updates about your everyday activities and whereabouts is simply unsafe. Any curious party, whether it be an employer, the IRS, your friends, a lawyer trying to build a case, or some creep, is able to have access personal life. So close out the apps for a while, enjoy the people you’re with, and be careful about what you’re revealing through social media.


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