Comparing Anti/Pro gun organizations, where do you stand?

The ideologies of the NRA and the Brady campaign are profoundly different.

The Brady Campaign advocates and educates the importance of freedom from gun violence in America. They actively work to regulate gun control and hope for a gun free America one day. In addition to regulating gun laws; they also bring awareness to the public by having marches and educating the people about gun laws, gun violence, and giving support to gun victims. Their ideas are founded on the right to feel safe in your own home, job, or school without the fear of gun violence.


The NRA in contrast, promotes the use of guns immensely. They advocate and strongly believe in the second amendment( the right to bear arms). They believe it is our right to protect and defend ourselves in the act of violence. In addition, they heavily promote gun safety and the importance of firearms(historic, technological and artistic context). The NRA also advocates for stronger gun laws and is a huge force in the political arena, they defend every aspect of the second amendment.

When choosing where you stand, you must look at your values and how these organizations can better help your overall cause. Although different, both of these organizations care immensely about their cause and work tirelessly to achieve and be proactive locally and nationwide.

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