Computer Virus

Almost 3 weeks ago I had a computer virus. My computer was ok before I left for school but when I came home my virus detector said I had a virus on my computer. I don’t know what kind of virus it was, but it wouldn’t let me download antivirus software onto my computer.  It was one smart virus. My friend told me that I should download the free AVG program to get rid of my virus. She said that AVG would scan my computer for the virus and that it could also isolate the virus so that it couldn’t hurt my computer anymore. The program also lets me delete the virus off my computer. I had to get onto my roomate’s computer and download the free AVG antivirus program onto my jumpdrive. Then I installed the program ontomy computer and got rid of the virus. I ran the program three times to get all the virus and to make sure that nothing else was corupted. I now have AVG run a virus scan everyday and so far I have not have had anymore viruses.

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