Computers are Pervasive; Should we be Concerned?

After reading the article Automation on the Job, two specific sentences stuck out to me. They said, “As predicted, computers guide machine tools and run assembly lines, but that’s a minor part of their role in society. The computer is far more pervasive in everyday life than even the boldest technophiles dared to dream back in the days of punch cards and mainframes.” This is true. Computers are so pervasive; they are everywhere. Schools are even becoming more and more online. Once when everyone had to go to every single class they ever had to take is no more. I am one of the millions of college students that take online classes. It is weird to think that computers have taken over the world. They allow us to connect with people in other countries. Social media is helping with the connection and our phones are being able to act as computers.

People are also worried that workers are going to be out of the job because computers are going to be able to do their job. This is and should be a huge concern, but we are nowhere close to having to really worry about that. Right now, in this society, people need to be more worried about the economic troubles and losing their job that way then from computers. I think that society needs to stop focusing on making new technologies and start focusing on how to get people back into work and the economic problem.

I think that computers are beneficial and we would be no where without them. I would not be able to do this blog without one. They make life simpler because you can bring work anywhere now, but now we have more responsibilities we have to get done because of our technologies.

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