Conan O’Brien Guest Stars on How I Met Your Mother”

Last year when Neil Patrick Harris stopped by Conan O’Brien’s late night show they spoke of a charity auction that O’Brien attended, and won, that afforded the winner a walk on roll on CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”.  While many thought the story to be nothing more than on air banter that would never come to fruition, they were proven wrong in a quite hilarious way when Monday’s episode aired.  Conan had stated in the interview with Harris that writers wanted to write a roll for him, but he felt it would be funnier to appear in the background as a patron in the characters favorite hangout, McClarens Pub.  He was write.  While it was brief, as the shows main characters are gathered in their familiar booth, the fire haired late night host trotted through the background of the bar in an uncredited roll that, for those who caught it, provided a good laugh and a lot of fun.  After his very public dispute with NBC roughly two years ago, Conan has settled in nicely at his new cable network home TBS.

Though many feel that Conan has fallen into obscurity, the reaction on Twitter suggests the opposite.  Fans of Conan will surely get a kick out of his uncredited cameo, and How I Met Your Mother regulars will find themselves wondering why there was a giant, pasty red head wandering about in the background of the bar.  For a show that has had more than its fair share of guest stars, it was Conan’s uncredited spot that I find to be one of the shows more enjoyable.

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