Concern Over Climate Change and Pollution Mounts.

Last week, the World Health Organization released findings that described a rather startling fact regarding the issue of air pollutants.

In a report released regarding an estimate of the amount of deaths related to exposure to air pollution in 2012, the data showed that nearly seven million people died as a result of the atmospheric pollutants.

Due to the fact that the numbers are steadily rising, many are calling for serious change and the implementation of regulations in order to reduce the high mortality rates.

The reports showed that the atmospheric pollutants were strongly linked to such health issues like cardiovascular disease which accounts for such problems as strokes and heart disease. Additionally, data showed a strong correlation between exposure to air pollution and the occurrence of certain cancers.

Environmental issues are clearly coming to the forefront of many agendas worldwide. The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change even released their own findings today regarding the issue of climate change and global warming. Reports showed that such issues were quite noticeable across oceans especially in the areas of Antarctica where sea levels continue to rise due to melting ice caps.

As Earth Day 2014 draws even closer, these findings are evidence to the fact that much needs to be done in the way humans think about their environment and the Earth.  Through such simple things as recycling and carpooling, everyone can help in making the world more sustainable and fit for generations to come.

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