Constroversial Float in the Upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Causes Uproar Among Animal Rights Activists.

There has been much controversy surrounding SeaWorld in the wake of the premiere of the documentary entitled Blackfish. Blackfish, which aired nationally on CNN, closely followed the negative effects of orcas being held in captivity by the theme park. The documentary detailed the cramped enclosures the orcas must live in as well as the fact that so many SeaWorld trainers have been killed due to the frusterations of the confined orcas that so badly desire the freedoms of the ocean.

Such oppossing viewpoints apparent between animal-rights groups and SeaWorld’s desired monetary gains has led to quite a controversial upset regarding the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Many animal-rights activists have begun to protest the annual parade in response to the announcement that they are planning on featuring a SeaWorld inspired float. The legendary animal-rights group, PETA, has released a statement which basically described Macy’s act of including such an insensitive display in their parade as an utter endorsement of animal suffering. The fact that more than thirty orcas have died while under the control of SeaWorld has led to the immense uproar against the float and has also resulted in many celebrities voicing their disdain for the parade.

So far, over 50,000 supporters have joined PETA by emailing the department store and requesting the cancellation of the SeaWorld float. Macy’s has countered the petitions by stating that their floats are merely for entertainment and that they have no plans to cancel the controversial float. In any case, the correspondence between the two groups has brought even more attention to the plight of such wondrous creatures and the negative effects that holding them in captivity has.

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