Consumer Necessity: Cost Effective or Painful Purchase?

As the holiday season fast approaches shoppers of all kinds are gearing up for those retail saver days like as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Probably one of the most sought after gifts are year are video games and the systems we play them on. Take Microsoft for example, their release the latest iteration of their video game consoles dubbed “Xbox One” which will cost approximately five hundred dollars a unit an is expected to increase their sales revenue exponentially this holiday season. Now while the system is expected to be a real crowd pleaser due to all the features that are packed into it. However, is this ride worth the price of admission? While it’s true that amazing games of all genres are released each year for different platforms, it stands to reason that maybe the Xbox One’s price is a bit too high given the amount video games cost now a days.

None the less, Microsoft has created a beautiful piece of technology despite the fact they almost ruined the sales pitch due to numerous miscommunications during the consoles announce-ment back in the summer. One of the biggest problems with the system in the earlier days was when a Microsoft representative got on the stage at the E3 press conference an revealed to potential consumers that they would not be able to share or sell their old games with family or various retailers, due to the systems specifications. Which hindsight was all attributed to bad PR on their end, needless to say no video gamer or parent is likely to spend a crazy amount of money on an item they can’t resell after their son or daughter gets bored with it. Thankfully that is no longer the case, as Microsoft has completely changed the message the Xbox One is sending the consumers by removing any and all trade restricts imposed by the system itself. Just goes to show you that making ones sales pitch clear is very important factor for the shelf life of a product that hasn’t been released yet.

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