Consumers craving different news content

With so much technology and options out their for us, multitasking has become more of an unknown habit and choice. Many of us don’t even realize how much we are actually doing it. Have we as a nation transformed something so great like technology into a bad thing? Are we really taking full advantage of it or is it taking advantage of us? According to the article “Overload” were not really using technology to the full capacity, but with so much content out their like on the internet or television who can blame us. So much content has become available to us that we are often left overwhelmed that we just pick convenience. Convenience however often leaves us feeling unsatisfied.


Technology has shaped and changed how we live and function on a daily basis. Journalism is also no exception to the involvement of technology. It has allowed for greater content to be put out there into the media. More content however does not translate into better quality or more knowledgeable humans. In the article overload! by Nordenson studies prove that we crave more in depth news and reporting. And surprisingly as a nation we are not any more knowledgable now then those who lived in the 40s. We have so many options that we don’t really know where to begin with and we often just pick what is more attainable. Which lead us to feeling unsatisfied. Could this be the result of pure laziness or just too much on our plate?


Honestly I feel like its a combination. We have grown so accustomed to having everything just handed to us when it comes to technology and the convenience that it has brought that we don’t find it necessary to the research our selves. Instead of looking for more in depth news sites or channels we just sit and hope they change. At the same time, we are so busy with our hectic lives that where often tired and run down by the day that we don’t feel like doing more work which is understandable as well. At the end of the day we have choices and as consumers we have a choice of which form of news outlet we will pick. I believe that for those who crave better news, if they would just take the time too look for something that satisfied them rating and profits would show that and changes would be made. We should run technology and not let it run us.



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