Controversial Photojournalism Makes an Impact

Although the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti was not the first controversial photojournalism subject it certainly contributed to the controversy.  In my opinion photos and pictures of explicit material helps to emphasize an issue.  For example with the photos that contributed to the journalism and coverage of the earthquake in Haiti, it made an impact on people by revealing the truth of what had happened and showed what people may have needed to see to want to help out those in need.  If a person does not want to view it they have the option not to and censorship can be available so that children can be prevented from seeing such material.  Photojournalists have different places where they can place their pictures whether its accepted on newspapers or posted upon the internet.  However the internet does seem like a better place to put such pictures because it reaches far more people and allows for better censorship.  Newspapers may carry some explicit pictures but to a certain extent its content is much more regulated.  In my opinion its not the quantity of photos that can communicate a message it’s the quality.  A journalist does not need to use multiple horrifying pictures to get a reaction and sympathy but maybe two to a few photos.  And I feel the photos should be as respectful as they can make them without upsetting to many people,  for example when showing pictures of the dead, it shouldn’t delve into the personal life or affect a persons family.

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