Could Google really be the root of all evil or is it the best thing to ever happen?

Many people feel that Google is the best thing to ever happen to the world. I personally agree. I use Google for everything. When I need any little bit of info or any large amount of info, I turn to Google. So as it may seem that I am bias, well I am. I do not feel that Google is evil in the least bit. What could Google have done so wrong to make it seem so evil. Well I do know that Google did some evil in China, but that should not make people feel that Google is evil. Everyone makes mistakes and that one mistake should not be the reason they have a somewhat bad rep with certain people. Reason being is because Google is so helpful, on so many different levels. Google has a map system to help people find there way. A search engine to find information out. Google has it to where people can sign on and give personal input and answer questions. Google also has a Google+ which makes it very easy to collaborate on group projects or papers. Google is expanding even more and becoming even more of a good thing. So maybe what it is is that Google realized that certain people thought they were evil, and they are trying to fix that by making more and more positive things. Maybe Google will continue to do this and eventually “Google is evil” will not even be a term known to man. Well one can only hope so, because Google is a great thing.

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