Could Journalists be a Dying Breed?

Looking at today’s use of the Internet, I began to wonder to myself if thing like newspapers, online or not, are close to becoming a thing of the past. Yes, we’re aware that newspapers are everyday moving more and more into the digital world and they are more and more using their online resources to reach the masses. But with the type of communication we have today and the accessibility to be able to post anything we want about anything we want, are we losing the need for journalists in general?
The question seems far fetched. However, if you really step back and take a look, a majority of what we view online now a days comes from resources like blogs, online journals, chatrooms, Wikipedia, etc. all things that are opinion based and as far as we know, not based on any well researched facts. The last site I would think to look at as far as forming an opinion about a certain topic would be an online news source solely because I only click on what comes up first in the google search, an I know Im not the only one.
So are we possibly the dying generation as far as those who depend on journalists to get us our information or are we beginning to become our own journalists and depend on each other to do the same job just as well? I guess in a world like today only time will tell…
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