Crab Walker Lurks the Depths

Recently developers and scientists released the “Crabster CR200” which it’s purpose is to walk the deepest depths of the ocean floor and discover new terrain. Developed by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology the Crabster’s model was made after crabs that grip the sea floor. Scientists saw that precious underwater aircraft with a propeller was no match for the current and tide changes. The Crabster which is controlled and operated by people mimics the shell of a crab and is able to move in stormy and uneven seas. Since this model is still going under tests it’s current speed underwater is 10 cm/second which will eventually increase with upgrades. Researchers are still improving its stability in rough terrain and in strong currents.

The “Crabster CR200″ is a scientific breakthrough for underwater research. This model has revolutionized the previously known propelled watercraft and will be able to search new depths. Hopefully researchers will have more flexibility and time for discovery. One researcher states that ” the CR200 can conduct seabed mapping, survey and inspection of wrecks, pipelines, ecosystems and pollution down to a 200-meter depth”. Also this watercraft will eventually help with locating underwater resources, pipelines and oil spill incidents. One of the main reasons this vehicle helps underwater exploration is that this would take the place of divers in dangerous situations. All in all this watercraft sets the bar for underwater explorations and will provide a better way of doing so.

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