Creating, Deleting, Re-creating, re-deleting your Facebook Page. An Art that takes Subtlety.

Now-a-days everyone has a Facebook page.  Heck, my 5 year old niece even has one.  One thing that I find interesting and boarderline ridiculous are the number of people I see who create a page, try it out for a year or so, delete their page, and then re-create the same exact page under a different name.  It’s like they battle constantly back and forth with their own insecurities about who to friend request, who to accept, who to leave in purgatory, who to poke, who not to poke, who to message, whats my relationship status (single, married, divorced, it’s complicated), which pictures to add, which pictures to tag, which pictures to untag, etc. until they finally hit rock bottom and just give up. 

Then, time passes, and they find themselves wondering about that ex and what they’re up to, that old friend from high school that’s married with children, that old teacher that they had a crush on, etc.  So they simply make another page that is a carbon copy of the original but change the name and a few pictures.  This is a trend that is becoming more and more apparent.  Don’t believe me, go right now to your page and pull up your friends list.  You will be shocked at how many people you have on your list who have an inactive account but friend requested you maybe less than a year ago.  You will also be shocked at how many people have an inactive account and a new account with a different name but it’s the same person. 

Facebook has done wonders for keeping people connected, but at the same time it causes so many insecurities about social status.  Facebook is like high school for adults.

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