Cult Show ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Gets Crowd Funded Reboot

From left to right: Gypsy, Crow T. Robot, Joel Robinson, and Tom Servo

It was announced yesterday that cult television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 is going to have a crowd funded reboot. Mystery Science Theater 3000, or MST3K for short, was a show that ran for 12 years and was built on the premise of mocking bad movies. A host and his robot companions were trapped in space by an evil mad scientist and forced to endure some of the worst films ever put to celluloid. Why you ask? Well, the theme song explicitly states when it comes to questions like this:

“If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes
And other science facts,
Just repeat to yourself ‘It’s just a show,
I should really just relax’”

Helmed by series creator and original host Joel Hodgson, the new version will feature the familiar wisecracking ‘bots Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo. Yet there is still the question of the new yet-to-be-named host and “mad,” both of which Hodgson has promised to reveal in due time. Hodgson has also spoke about potentially having cameos by some original cast members.

The Kickstarter is already over halfway to its minimum goal of two million dollars. This would allow them to produce three new episodes. The stretch goal is a whopping $5.5 billion, resulting in a total of 12 episodes.

For years after its cancellation in 1999, the crew of the Satellite of Love split off into two groups: RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic. RiffTrax, the more well known of the two, consists of former MST3K host Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. Nelson has already stated he will not be involved, but there has yet to be word from Murphy or Corbett on the subject.

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