Cutting the cable? The rise of streaming sites has lead to the decrease in cable usage.

A study recently posted on explored the effects on streaming site such as Hulu and Netflix on the cable television providers we know today. More people than ever are flocking to internet streaming over cable television, especially with the addition of playing nexflix from your Xbox live account. With that, you can view your netflix account right on your TV and avoid commercials.


Of course, there is a downside to netflix especially seeing that they do not update episodes live, or until months after a season is over. There are additional sites on the web that allow you to view an episode of a show shortly after it airs. Many networks have streaming on their websites within 24 hours of the shows original air date. According to the study posted on 25% of millenials, aged between 18 and 34, have forgone their cable bill, and use the internet to fill their TV needs. As students are leaving the comforts of college living, and entering to the real world full of expenses, cable is now a commodity they feel they can do without. That presents a challenge for the cable providers wanting to retain customers, and high profit yields. One of the possible changes that could evolve over time would be higher fees for larger amounts of streaming per month. Based on your amount of internet usage, your bill would go up. With such rapidly evolving technology, new issues will always arise, and companies will continue to find ways to profit and grow their businesses.

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