Death Grips Releases New Album For Free

Experimental hip-hop group Death Grips leaked their fourth studio album, Government Plates, to the world earlier this month. All the tracks were posted by the band on multiple online sources and made available to download for free.

Death Grips is the effort of rapper Stefan Burnett (better known by his stage name MC Ride), drummer Zach Hill and producer Andy Morin. The group makes hip-hop music that incorporates elements of electronic, industrial, noise and other non-traditional genres. MC Ride’s experimental vocals are a mixture of shouting and emotional raps. The lyrical content of their music addresses social issues and the pervasiveness of technology and government into people’s lives among other subjects.

After forming in Sacramento, California, and releasing their first mixtape “Exmilitary” in 2011 the group was signed to Epic Records. Their sophomore release “The Money Store” gathered widespread acclaim from music publications and online blogs, making Death Grips a well-known name in the music industry. After a dispute with the record label Death Grips released their third full-length album “No Love Deep Web” for free online and were subsequently dropped from Epic.

Most recently the band released their newest album “Government Plates” seemingly out of nowhere. The band made the album along with a music video for every song available online earlier this month. The new album includes many elements that Death Grips fans will be familiar with including Ride’s harsh vocal style and the bands abrasive instrumental production. The 11-track album includes the song “Birds”, which was released as a single over the summer. “Government Plates” was self-released by the band on their label Third Worlds, a partnership with Harvest/Capitol Records, and is available for download on their official website. Check it out!


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