Declining quality of television and news reporting

It is no suprise that today’s journalism is full of sensationalism.  Before the internet and even computer, media had much less or no competition.  Should we be blaming the journalists who provide the sensationalist media, or ourselves for watching it.  Look at today’s television: trashy reality shows and local news reporting on nothing but the latest homicide or rape.  There is a reason we are consumed by this type of media, and it is not the creators of it.  We, as viewers and readers are the fuel to that machine.  The media knows what sells and run with it.  We can complain all we want about what we watch and read, but the only way it will ever change starts with the readers, not the media.

I am sure that journalists are faced with the conflict everyday of what type of news to report.  Having the competition that they do in today’s media only makes that decision more complicated.  The debate between what a journalist personally wants to report, and what will sell to the public.

The media also has a way of influencing a consumers opinions.  Take politics for example.  Certain news programs are known for favoring liberal or conservative.  It is important as a consumer of media to be very objective on topics such as politics.  We as consumers of media are in the best position today to have our opinion to be heard, but we are also in a world where our opinion can be heavily influenced.  It is a double edged sword, but we have to take the good with the bad.

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