Denver: What makes The Mile High City “Mild & High”

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being able to visit Denver, Colorado. Denver’s nickname is “The Mile High City” because, the city’s elevation is literally one mile about sea level! However, you wouldn’t know it if you were there. I’m not sure how sea level is measured, but it would sure be a lot easier one could just throw a measuring tape off the side of a cliff! However, there are no cliffs near Denver that are at sea level. This city actually sits upon a plateau which gradually slopes down to sea level far east of the city into Kansas.

While people in Denver don’t necessarily feel like they are walking on air, they certainly do feel the effects of high altitude! They are a lot closer to the sun so, even during the winter, they are always getting sunburned. Another interesting fact about the weather, is that it is mild & sunny all year round! The reason for that is because the air in this part of the country is very dry. Even when it gets cold in the winter, the temperatures don’t feel as nearly as cold as they do in places with humidity. All year, throughout the city, you will see people dressed with jackets intermixed with people walking around in shorts & flip flops!

Denver is not just high in elevation, it is also high on marijuana! Right now, Colorado & Washington are the only states in America where marijuana can be sold legally for both medical and recreational use. Just look for the green cross and you will find a place to get high; there are tons of these shops downtown. A lot of times you won’t even have to look for them. Just follow your nose!

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