Details of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death come to light

Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman had recently passed away, unfortunately dying of an apparent drug overdose. Police reported that the 46 year old actor was found dead on his bathroom floor with a syringe stuck in his left arm, with empty containers and bags that police concluded had been filled with heroin. In Hoffman’s New York apartment, 50 bags labeled “Ace of Hearts” and “Ace of Spades”, street names for heroin, were found, along with 20 empty syringes in a plastic cup. Other findings in the apartment included different types of prescription drugs and other bags filled with white powder, presumably heroin. Police sources told the media that they are beginning to piece together the timeline of the last few days of the actor’s life.

Hoffman was supposed to pick up his three children from his ex-partner’s house, but after failing to do so Mimi O’Donnell (Hoffman’s ex-wife) called Hoffman’s assistant asking him to go to the apartment. 30 minutes later, he called the police. O’Donnell later mentioned that when she had previously seen Hoffman on Saturday around 2 p.m., she thought that the actor was high, although she reported that 30 minutes earlier when speaking with him on the phone, he had sounded fine. The timeline leading up to the actor’s death still has some fuzzy details, yet to be cleared up by authorities.

Sources also confirmed that investigators are also trying to figure out the details as to how he acquired the amount of drugs found in his apartment. The details of Hoffman’s recent life have yet to be completely uncovered.

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