Did Connor McGregor’s Cockiness Lead to his Defeat?

UFC 196 was one for the books we saw two great matches against athletes who haven’t lost in a while but the main buzz of UFC 196 is Connor McGregor losing. I highly doubt that his cockiness is what caused him to lose. For some reason people love to hate the cocky athletes but I just can’t fathom why? McGregor for example is a prime case of making it from the bottom up. He use to be a plumber in training barely making any money, car got repossessed, sometimes he didn’t even know If he could pay rent. McGregor is the American dream! But people see him as the bad guy. You have to remember this is a business and McGregor plays the bad guy very, very, good this is all an act to keep the revenue coming in.



His cockiness didn’t lead to his defeat at all. If you look back at the fight he was dominating the first round some of the second too until he got hit with two punches. Leading him to get shook then taking a sloppy shot and getting rear naked choke. McGregor got caught that’s all but what people need to realize is that this stuff happens. McGregor is cocky because he wins fights, trains hard, sells out the arena and knows that the drama and cockiness sells its part of the gimmick. Imagine yourself working your but off, dieting, barely seeing your family, blood, sweat, and tears all to finally become a champion. Now imagine somebody coming into your spot light threating to take it all from you. McGregor didn’t lose because of his cockiness he lost because he got shook and panic. He took his lost like a man and hopefully he’ll find a way to redeem himself.

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