Diet sodas might not be so misleading after all

Two new studies suggest that adolescents who drink diet colas versus their regular “sugar” counterparts are better able to limit weight gain – on average about 4 pounds less over the course of a year. Study participants were counseled to not change any other facets of their weight management routine (food intake, or exercise). The studies suggest that just by switching to a diet drink you can expect to weigh less.

This is a remarkable finding (at least for the diet drink manufactures) because 1 in 5 people in the United States consume diet beverages. Diet drink varieties have been on the rise, and their sugary “regular” versions have been on the decline for the past 5 years. The studies also debunked the myth that diet drinks increased you appetite. On the contrary, sugary coke led people to be slightly hungrier and to eat more. The diet colas had the same effect as water – none.

Overall, Americans drink one-third of their overall caloric intake. While medical professional suggest that water is best, this study shows that switching to diet drinks may be an easy baby step for some sugary drink addicts that can have some positive results on their weight.


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