Digital Children of the Future

The generation is getting closer to where all children will be raised in a home where their parents are completely in tune with the digital world. The transition was not as fast as some may say but I do believe there will be a time in the very near future in which all children will have parents who are ‘tech savvy.’ Despite what Siva Vaidhyanathan may say in “Generational Myth” there is no question more and more kids are growing up with digital answers compared to answers in print. The internet has a lot of information at one’s fingertips so why should we encourage our children to go to the library and read a book. It’s all about efficiency in today’s world and there is no doubt the internet and computers are more efficient than a traditional book.

So why are we holding on so tight to this tradition that clearly is slowing our learning curve down. We need to be more active about teaching the ways of the internet but not completely forgetting about print. The transition needs to be quicker than what the current pace is going but what do I know, I grew up with this thinking and more and more of our kids are going to be growing up with the same attitude if not to a stronger end of the spectrum.

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