Disclosure is The Future of Music, Now.

British Electronic band, Disclosure dropped their second studio LP, Caracal, and the Internet has praised it as much as it has unappreciated it. The Electronic duo received a Platinum Certification for their debut LP, Settle, back in 2013, and even though they did released a few singles on Spotify and other streaming sites, for example Holding On, their official first single which released in May, and Bang That, it was a long 2-years hiatus for the waiting fans until the band put out their full sophomore album.

On September 24th the wait was over with the release of Caracal, the album features the collab of artists such as Lorde, Sam Smith, The Weeknd, and Miguel.

Some critics argue that in 2013, Disclosure somewhat redefined pop music and created a landscape for artists to try to imitate, leaving the band with a new challenge, two years later, by reconstructing their essence in order to stand from the crowd. Pitchfork reporters added that “Those dance classicists will likely be less territorial with Caracal: the brothers have dialed down the BPMs significantly and turned toward slow-burning, R&B-inspired grooves. But as they’ve edged away from giddy neo-nostalgia toward a sound with less identifiable anchor points, they’ve begun to blend into the background.”  In my opinion, it is very often that bands and artists have to carry the weight of audiences constantly comparing every piece of work they put out to their debut material. According to Thump, “It sounds just like what Disclosure would sound like if Disclosure were the biggest breakout band of their generation and could work with whomever in the world they admired.” and that pretty much sums it up. Caracal is currently at the top of the iTunes chart for Electronic albums.

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