Do Human’s Self-Interpretation Relate to Their Video Game Character?

When the infamous Wii characters hit the video gaming stage people went crazy making every character they possibly could. However, did we make them to resemble ourselves? And if so did we act like ourselves when we played with them or did we act like someone we wish we were? Or were the characters more attractive?

In my eyes I believe that our society wants to change at least one thing about themselves and according to Tony Lam and John Ridel it was evident that my opinion was correct through their study of the “Proteus Effect.” According to their study when the participants were assigned more attractive avatars they were more confident causing them to be more intimately when interacting with other avatars. Does this mean that when we think we are more attractive or look better than we are more confident? This brings me to the point of why we should just be confortable in our own skin. However, we are not. Why is this? Is it the medias fault or is it our own? Several different media outlets are trying to change that. For example, Dove is always doing a natural beauty campaign. It is up to us to change the way our generation thinks about ourselves. You know it is bad when we can tell through video games that we wish we lived a different life. All we can do is take it as a wake up call and try to live a more positive life and try to think more positively about ourselves. Along with all of that will come confidence.

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