Do people judge technology too harshly?

Many people feel that technology is a distraction, and they do nothing but say negative things about it. I do not see how on earth that is alright, when technology is used in literally every single thing. Technology is used in the hospital to keep people alive with things such as breathing machines and in schools to teach children with things such as electronic books and computers. There are so many positive things that technology does, that they most definitely out weigh the negative things that people seem to talk most about. The negative things that I mostly hear are for the most part using technology while driving. I can absolutely take the side of the people that complain about that, but to me that is not technology’s fault.  Instead that is the individual who is doing whatever that may be . I feel that people need to start picking out the positives in technology rather than the negatives. Positives such as what it has done for the world. Technology has done great things such as find different cures for different diseases, it has also helped military families stay in contact when far away from each other, and it has made life much more convenient. By convenient I mean that an individual that owns a smartphone can email, text, call, go online, skype, facetime, and even pay bills with the simple touch of a button. I guess what I am trying to get at  is when a person gets a DUI, is that the drivers fault or the alcohol? As this topic is very risky, I feel that technology still deserves to be backed up a little more than it is.

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