Do you want to make a difference? Register to vote!

Florida’s October 9th voter registration deadline is fast approaching and spreading the word has not only been critical in the past few months, but it is proving even more critical in these last few days. From having registered many voters in the past few years I have seen how important messaging is to accomplishing our goals and what an asset great communication can be to our team. It is so important that we are as efficient as possible when it comes to making sure as many people are empowered to vote as possible, and letting people know important information like deadlines and voting facts (since the law has drastically changed in many states) is critical to getting as many people as we can to the polls in November. When more people vote our country wins, and that is why voter registration is so important to me.

Much of the voter registration that I have done has been on a college campus and I can honestly say that nothing is more rewarding to me than registering someone to vote who may not have even thought about it before and seeing our electorate expanding with young people. There are many interest groups that are of high concern in this election and young people are undoubtedly one of them. It kills me to see apathetic young adults who stay away from politics because they are convinced that no matter what they do, nothing will get better. This could not be further from the truth. If you see something that needs changing you have all the power in the world to make it different, you just have to recognize that. It is also important to recognize that if you really want to make things better voting is the least you can do. Voting is very important; however it is just the first step. In between election cycles take the time to get to know your community, know your elected officials, and realize the impact you can have if you are just willing to do the work.

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