Does a step forward in technology really bring us two steps back?

With the rapid advancement of technology within the recent years, our world has grown to revolve around it. Most people today would be lost without their tablets, mobile phones, and televisions that are now incorporated into every aspect of our lives. One theory found within Technologies, Social Media, and Society states, “The greater the technological wonders, that larger it’s negative consequences on us”. Upon reading this I immediately disagreed. How could our society advancing and improving ever be considered a negative thing? Technology’s growth has substantially advanced our educational reach, expanded our awareness of the world around us, and improved our ability to communicate with people all around the globe. However, these milestone don’t come without cracks in their foundation. For example, the Automobile has given our society a quick way to get from one destination to the next. The downfall of this is that people have become much lazier, and our earth has become highly polluted with the toxic gas this “advanced technology” produces. To put it simply, we are always going to be paying a price for technology. The positive aspect of technological advancements is that it makes things in everyday life more simple and does the effort for us. However, this “simplicity” means that technology is taking the place of people, and jobs are becoming scarce and less needed, especially within the media or broadcast world. Where there was editors there is now spellcheck, where there were camera operators there is now robo cams, and where there were seamstresses there are now mass producing clothing machines. With all these downfalls following right behind our progresses one ultimate question remains: “Is technological advancement really worth the negative repercussions it produces?”.

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