Does Mother Always Know Best?

I, like many of my peers  am a first generation college student.  My father was an Ethiopian immigrant and my mother never got an opportunity to finish school, therefor education was and still is of extreme importance in my household.  I went to a magnet high school where I was expected to study either medicine or law; in all honesty I was dead set on going into the drama magnet program, but I did not want to disappoint my family. A lot of times parents of first-generation college students unintentionally pressure their children into going into specific areas of study because they weren’t granted the same opportunity. It is a loving gesture, but can also hinder individuals who would prefer to take a different career route. Personally, I completed my first three semesters of undergrad as a pre-med major, because that is what I knew I had to do. I am not passionate about medicine at all, I actually have very strong views against the way our medical system is set up. I realized later that I do not have to do what I am not passionate about, I wasted time and credits  trying to please the people that matter to me most. I am now a R-TV production student, doing what I love to do,  and settling for nothing less than success. In this country people think of success as a being a doctor or a lawyer, but success is being able to perfect your craft and making money doing what you love to do. I can truly say that in this situation, mama doesn’t always know best.

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