Does too much information make staying relevant difficult?

In this day and age, there is so much information out there, that as a journalist it is so hard to determine what is important verse what is not. Not only that, but to every person, different things are important. This brings us to the topic of trying to the topic of trying to stay relevant, when dealing with far too much information. While reading ” Overload! Journalism’s Battle for Relevance in an Age of Too Much Information”  written by Bree Nordenson, it was said that the more overwhelmed an individual feels, the less effort that they put in. It is also said that a person produces far more information than they can contain. For example, a person can say many different things, and come up with many different ideas. But, that does not mean that they as an individual are capable of taking in and remembering all of that information from someone else. Which is why it is said that a person works off output. Not only that, but many young people are multitasking when watching the news or reading an article, and they only take in little bits and pieces. What is the point of writing all of this down when people don’t even take it all in. There is so much technology these days, that people have such easy access to so many different distractions. It is nearly impossible to acquire new information, when focus isn’t there. Focus can not be there when multi- tasking is being done while trying to obtain the information.

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