Dog is Deemed a Hero After Saving a Baby from Kidnappers

We have all seen and heard amazing stories about dogs and how they save lives daily. They are trained to be many things to many people. For example, Labradors,  a well-known breed to be trained as service dogs for the blind.  Other breeds have been known to give patients in the hospital with certain terminal illnesses therapy during treatment. They are used in law enforcement to help detect drugs and in the military to help detect where bombs and other hazardous materials are hidden. In this case, I read an article of a heroic act that a pit-bull mix committed that has a mother, ever so grateful.


According to the article, a kidnapping attempt was made in Indianapolis on Tuesday when the family’s dog stopped the armed robber from kidnapping their 3-month-old daughter. It states that Ms. Garzon was on the phone with her husband when the break-in occurred. She alerted her husband that someone was breaking in when the robber said, “ Give me the money or we take the baby.” It was a woman. It goes on to state that she grabbed her 3-month old child to run to the back but then the dog was waiting for the kidnapper, hence not letting her leave. She then left the baby in the house and fled.


It is said that the perpetrators are on the loose. The mother suffered a minor gunshot wound to the head but the infant was left, unharmed. It’s amazing how this dog reacted so quickly and defended the family. It goes to show you that they have an instinct to protect those they are loyal to. It’s said that pit bulls and pit bull mixes are viewed in a very bad light but it just goes to show you that not all of them are the same.


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