Dwight Howard goes to The…

There has been constant speculation on where the current Los Angeles Lakers Star, Dwight Howard will be going to play basketball next year. Five teams are frontrunners in perusing Howard as a team member such as, the Rockets, Mavericks, Warriors, Hawks, and of course the Lakers. Now that Free Agency talks are open, each team has begun their plea as to why they are the right team for Dwight. The nonstop effort to get Dwight Howard has even forced the “All Mighty” Lakers to beg for him to remain in Los Angeles by putting up billboards with his picture on it that simply say “Stay.”

I feel that all this attention towards Dwight Howard is not necessary, seeing that he wants to be the leader of his team and all he has managed to prove this past year is that he can lead his team to a first round playoff loss. Dwight is a talented player but I do not think he is the right piece to build a team around. He also has a bad reputation for being known as a “Coach Killer” by getting his ex-coach Stan Van Gundy fired because he didn’t like the way he coached. Even former teammates like J.J. Reddick have had problems getting along with him in the past.

All over social media there are tweets, videos and posts from fans, players, and NBA owners asking Howard to come to their team. There has been pleas from teammates like Steve Nash over twitter trying to convince Howard to stay. Even Kobe Bryant mentions in his tweet that the Lakers organization is the best place to be. “Start of free agency is always interesting.. Many teams. Only one Lakers.” Other teams like the Houston Rockets have been bringing in old basketball legends from their organization in meetings with Howard to try to convince him. Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted about going to meet with Dwight Howard, including a hashtag saying “#dwight2houston.” Only time will tell if these pleas over twitter, and begging for Dwight will pay off.

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