Early Upsets Leave March Madness Brackets Hurting

March Madness for NCAA basketball is well underway and already several large upsets have hurt many fans brackets. One reason for extra madness this year due to Warren Buffets billion dollar offer to anyone with a perfect bracket.

However that offer doesn’t matter anymore. According to ESPN after the first two days play there are no perfect brackets that have been filled out online. The reason for these incorrect brackets is due to several of these very big colleges losing to very bad seeded teams.

Duke is one of these teams. They were a third seed coming out of the Midwest division. Duke played Mercer, a team that most fans have never heard of. I know personally myself had Duke going all the way to the elite eight.

Another big loss tonight was other high seeded teams like VCU, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Most brackets on ESPN and CBS sports included wins from all three of these teams as they were playing virtually unknown athletic programs.

This years tournament has been full of upsets since the first game on Thursday night with Ohio State and Dayton. Ohio State was an obvious choice, or so many thought. Dayton stayed with the Buckeyes and after a few missed opportunities by Ohio State, Dayton pushed ahead and won. Many users also had Ohio State progressing past the first round.

The next week will be full of more surprises for any of the remaining teams. Cinderella teams will be in large abundance after the first round. This year’s march madness is shaping up to be a tournament for the record books.

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