Earth Day is Celebrated by More Than 190 Countries

Have you planted a tree today? It is Earth Day, a day to celebrate our planet and encourage improvement of the environment. When you think about it though Earth Day should be every day. We inhabit this planet and pollute it through our own means on a daily basis and in return the Earth provides us with oxygen, water, and LIFE! The Earth is ever generous and nurturing and we need to return the love.

Earth day marks what many consider to be the anniversary of the environmental movement dating back to 1970. At the time air pollution was seen as prosperity. The world was oblivious to environmental concerns. This was a time of war and protest, hippies and flower power, Simon & Garfunkel. Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin was inspired by student protests of war when he realized that people could channel that kind of energy into the idea of environmental protection.

It did not matter if you were rich or poor, democrat or republican Earth Day brought people together to support a sustainable environment. Now more than a billion people in more than 190 countries celebrate it globally. Anyone can participate whether it is by online activism, local campaigns, or grand fundraising events. You don’t just have to participate for one day. Maybe you can plant a tree tomorrow. Or maybe you can start carpooling to work. Any small step to help the planet is way to be thankful.

There is saying ‘if you can read this, thank a teacher.’ Well, if you are breathing, thank the Earth.

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