Eating healthy, a few steps before you start on this journey

As someone who hates fitness, I never saw my self to be one of these people you see who enjoy being healthy. I like sports but I don’t like working out. And to tell you the truth a lot of food that is healthy for you, I don’t care for at all. But because I wanted to get in better shape decided that I needed to make a change. So I am writing this article as a way to show what I have learned from reading online and what i have talked to with friends who are in better shape than me.

The first part about working out is the diet. Now for someone like my self who isn’t very fond of healthy food, I have researched and spoke with friends who are actually in shape and here are some points to help fix that. Tip number one make your meals at home during the week. I used to always spend money on food during the week and weekends and for starters it wasn’t healthy and secondly all those meals added up to be quite expensive. So what i am doing now and it sort of works is to cook my meals at home. We all spend the money on groceries anyway right so why not spend a little more so that you don’t have to spend a ton of cash eating foods.

The second part is the working out. Now a lot of people think that the only way to get the body you want is to go to the gym. This mind set isn’t terrible but as someone like myself who finds gyms to be expensive and not enjoyable i figured out some cheaper methods of fitness. The first are work out apps on your smart phone. Trust i looked them up and they exist and really do help you! The second is tricking your self in to working out. For me i go and play basketball with some friends but literally just go out side and do something that you like that will make you sweat. So that’s my opinion on fitness and I hope this helps!

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