Educators, Characteristics & Technology

Patience, kindness and caring are the most important characteristics of a good teacher.  This is especially true in elementary school because the children need individualized attention, which they may not be getting at home.  I also believe that children relate better and perform better for teachers who actually care for them.  The bond between a teacher and her students is strongest when there is mutual caring and respect.

When I was in high school, I was a teacher’s assistant in an elementary school.  I worked in a second grade classroom and I  assisted with group readings and basic mathematical problem solving.  That experience gave me insight into how a classroom is run and how much effort, planning and dedication is necessary for the teacher.  A teacher’s job does not end at the end of a school day.  She has to be organized and prepared to keep the children interested and curious. I also was the President of the “Best Buddies” program.  This involved one-on-one communication and involvement with mentally challenged students.  This gave me insight into the diversity of personalities and backgrounds that a teacher may encounter.

In the elementary classroom, technology should assist but not replace the teacher.  A computer cannot give the personal attention that a caring teacher can.  But it can be helpful to reinforce lessons and daily activities that are initiated by the teacher.  It can assist for students who may have different styles.  For example, those who are visual learners could benefit greatly by the graphics and interaction with computer programs.

My knowledge of technology could help to fill in areas where I am less confident in my teaching skills.  Also, there are things that are offered by technology that otherwise not available in the classroom.  Technology call also assist in occupying part of class, for example several students could be listening to a book where others are being attended to individually or in other groups.  Being technologically savvy will be a great advantage to both my students and myself.

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