Elderly Woman Crashes Into CVS Store

We know Sixteen is just about the right age to start driving in Florida but when is it too old? On Wednesday March second an elderly woman lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a Winter Haven CVS store. It happened at a location on state road 540 in Tampa. Not only did she manage to create a disaster in the store, the driver nearly took out a customer. Surprisingly more that 400 people in the state of Florida over 100 years old have an active drivers license.

The woman driving was Eighty Four year old Margaret Underwood, police said. She was in a 2008 Chevy Impala and came barreling through the front. Surveillance video caught the elderly woman nearly hitting another 80-year-old woman who was shopping inside at the front counter. Thankfully no one was severely hurt, only minor injuries were reported to state police.

The incident was one of two for Mrs Underwood who apparently backed into a Chevy Suburban just moments before that in the parking lot. Police say she dropped her husband off at CVS and waited for him in the car. When he returned, she accidentally backed into the Chevy. While her husband was checking on the SUV, she apparently put the car in drive and hit the accelerator.Underwood managed to break through the glass doors and knock over merchandise as well as another elderly woman. The Cvs employee that was at the scene helping out said The engine of the 2008 Chevy Impala was still running at a high speed and the wheels were still moving after the crash. No word yet on any arrests being made.

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