Electives…..are they really necessary?

When I arrived at the University of Central Florida I was ecstatic! I had finally been accepted into the University I had planned to attend since I was eleven. As I went through my academic career I was focused on graduating, only taking classes that were specifically outlined in my major. Now its my senior year, I’m eagerly  anticipating graduation this summer, or so I thought .  This week I went in and sat down with my advisor, much to my surprise I only needed 6 more hrs in my major, and my minor is to be completed this spring. Then as the meeting went on he reread my credits…..dun dun dun…..I have not fully completed my electives here at UCF. I don’t see the significant value of taking an underwater basket weaving class, or getting up before the sun to do yoga. Are electives really a vital part of the college experience? What benefits do we really get out of taking a dance class….you lose your love handles?  To me electives seem pointless, and another way for Universities to take us starving college students money. What are your thoughts? Am i over reacting or am I justified in my stance that electives hold no true value?

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