Electronic Arts Voted Worst Company In America

Just a few weeks ago Electronic Arts and its employees must have been feeling pretty good, having just released the ending to one of the most critically acclaimed and financially successfully franchises in gaming history.  Then people started beating the game and an outcry came their direction.  Electronic Arts had a pretty rough week, first bending to the pressure of their consumers and announcing they will be releasing a patch that will add to the ending of the controversial Mass Effect 3 ending, and then just 4 days ago they were rated the worst company in America.  The ranked behind previous chart toppers Bank of America (who had a big hand to play in the financial meltdown a few years ago) and AT&T.  Consumers that participated in the poll felt that Electronic Arts nickles and dimes it’s consumers, primarily by holding back material from a newly released game only to shortly thereafter release it for a surcharge.  What also doesn’t help matters is their inclusion of codes to access online play that acts as a deterrent for people looking to buy used copies of games that the developer won’t see a dime from.  It is hard to imagine that the worlds largest gaming company would have landed near the top of this list had numerous factors not come into play, with the major one being the fan revolt to the ending of the Mass Effect series.  Not to be overlooked, however, I feel as though the lack of nomination for companies such as BP, AIG, Phillip Morris, and Halliburton helped to propel Electronic Arts to the top of the list.  In the grand scheme of things I don’t feel as though this “title” has any effect on consumer habits, nor the corporate structuring over at EA, but it does however put into perspective how much people are willing to go out of their way to complain.

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