End of the Semester Stresses

‘Twas the week before finals, when all through the campus, not a professor was relaxing, not even a student.

Not quite yet are students around campus packing up their backpacks for their summer plans, two more weeks of spring semester until the start of summer internships and classes.

A few thoughts are on the minds of all UCF students right now:

“Holy smokes it’s so hot outside.” The heat of summer is upon all Floridians as 80- degree weather is once again a daily promise. Humidity and rain forecasts are the first items to look for in the morning.

“What grade do I need to get on my final to get an [A, B, C… etc.]?” The answer to this question either boosts your confidence or it leaves you crying.

“Do I have [strong] enough coffee at home?” Those all-nighters are coming soon. Time to stock up on much needed coffee. I personally recommend Café Bustelo or Café Pilón.

“Where’s the nearest Starbucks/ Panera?” Quick my WiFi is out… where can I get free WiFi and grab a quick cup of jo or bread bowl at the same time?

“My bank account… oh no…” Or lack there of… Few weeks until I can work full time and actually be able to pay for things or hangout with friends.

“Where am I living next year?” The long process of housing questions begins. House? Apartment? On-campus? Shuttle service? Nice pool? Cable system? Price? Where is the nearest Publix? Etc.

Good luck with finals! May the curve be ever in your favor.

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