Enter “drain” ment, do not let the media think for you.

As an avid entertainment blogger, I research multiple sites to retrieve the most accurate and up to date information.  One of my favorite less accredited sources is “YouTube”; a few weeks ago I stumbled across a video entitled “Kai interview” and  decided to watch the clip because it seemed to be a hit amongst the YouTube community.  Basically a “home-free” hitchhiker named Kai hopped into the vehicle of a (seemingly)insane man. While Kai was in the passenger seat the driver purposely  crashed into a pedestrian then walked out of his car and began beating on a woman who was trying to help the victim. Fox news was the first to get the dish on the story from Kai’s point of view. I immediately became attracted to this individuals story and before I knew it I had watched hours of footage from different interviews and peoples experiences with him.  Because of his personality,  Kai became an overnight sensation. Since the incident he has been featured of the Jimmy Kimmel show and in some way has become a “celebrity”.  Amazing story right? But, what happened to the individual who was victimized in the original story? Or the man that committed the crime?  For the most part no one seemed to care about anything other than Kai’s wellbeing, when in reality he should not have been the focal point of the story. I said all this to prove a point, the media does not necessarily control what or how we think, but in a lot of cases the media is a distraction from what is truly of importance.  This is just an example on a micro scale, kind of scary.

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