Entitled Celebrities

Normally, I usually like to write about political topics because they are what interest me most. However, recently while I was driving home from work I heard on the radio some meaningless gossip about the singer Rihanna. In an interview that she recently gave to an Australian TV show, she was asked in a not so candid way about her love life and she became increasing defensive about the topic. First I would like to note that it was her choice to broadcast her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown after his assault on her. If she didn’t want anyone to ask questions then she shouldn’t be a celebrity because that kind of lifestyle comes with many uncomfortable questions.

Secondly, the interviewer made a good point after letting the viewers know that Rihanna had indeed walked out on the interview, she stated that celebrities don’t mind talking about and promoting their movies all day long, but when it comes to the tough questions that they don’t feel like answering they seem to feel like they are entitled to some kind of privacy because they look at themselves as normal human beings. Unfortunately these celebrities who think like that are sadly mistaken because their chosen profession does not come without consequences. If they do not want to get questioned about the things that they deem as personal then they should not flaunt their personal lives in front of the camera for the whole word to see.

This is common problem with a lot of celebrities today and the way they think, in that they want to have fame and privacy at the same time without understanding that the lifestyle they live (i.e. tons of money to spend on whatever they want) is not something that normal people working a 9 to 5 job have. The people that watch them on TV everyday are people that aspire to be like them and want to know about their lives and how people like them live. This is what causes the intrusion into their personal life and makes it so that they feel as if they have no privacy. I have no sympathy for these people and their ‘terrible’ problems because no matter what, they make the decision at the end of the day how to spend their money and live their lives. There is a lot positive things they can do with their fame and if they chose not to, well now they can experience what it’s like how to live that normal people.

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