ESPN Captures UCF Campus In Action This Week

The students at the University of Central Florida have more school spirit and talent than most students in the country. As a student who turned down Ivy Leagues to be part of the Knight Nation, I am proud of my school’s accomplishments and potential. However, the rest of the country is still taking its sweet time to figure out how capable we are.

Our Knights charged on this week in an effort to become nationally recognized.  Throughout the week of August 26th, a film team walked around and flew over what all of UCF had to offer. “Mary Kate, the drone,” a multi-rotor robot or flying camera hovered over the Reflection Pond and other iconic places on campus for aerial shots. The photographers wanted to capture the beauty of the UCF campus and the constant movement of its student population. These pieces of footage will combine to form a commercial for all of the country to witness.

Each year, ESPN shows commercials of specific schools during their home football games aired on television.  The UCF Nation has the opportunity to shine during its own. Knightcast’s Street Team and DJ Syntrix provided music and dancing at the RWC Leisure Pool on Tuesday, while “Mary Kate” filmed above the water. The only image left for ESPN to capture was the UCF Football season.

Finally, Knights came out in the thousands to take over Memory Mall and Bright House Networks Stadium. The film crew did not have to search for spirit by sending their cameras over tailgate. Knight fans and alumni danced and cheered their hearts out for the country to see. To top it off, Blake Bortles had three touchdown passes, and UCF Football crushed Akron with a 38-7 win. Our school was featured on ESPN Sportscenter’s Top 10 Plays. Charge On!

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