Ever-Changing Technology: For Better or Worse?

In our technology induced society, where we upgrade nearly everything about our lives. We are guilty as a whole of compromising with the new technology in our lives. The question we forget to ask ourselves is this upgrade or new gadget worth the trouble or more importantly the money.

The problem with technology is that it is always advertised as the most important thing you need to have. Whether or not you need it is a whole other concern that is rarely regarded. With technology, all technology you, will gain one thing, while losing another. You can find it in everything you use today.

The best example I can think of is the emergence of digital media in television. Digital media was a great upgrade compared to analog television. It provided a more convenient way of recording, transmitting, and playback for television users worldwide. Digital even allowed for more room for more material, by converting and compressing all of its data into the binary code. In simple terms this basically allows you to stream instead of waiting for something to download for however long it may take depending on its size.

Digital sounds great doesn’t it? Well, there is a downside. Unfortunately there are different types of digital media and sometimes it can take up more space; therefore requiring more bandwidth. Yes you can get everything you want instantly, but do have enough space for it.

Technology is supposed to be something that helps us in our lives. If it doesn’t help, or if it hinders, why buy it? It is time that we put more thought into what we invest our money in.

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