Every Woman Should Know About Sports And Most Importantly Be A Miami Dolphins Fan

When you are a little girl no one really pushes sports on you as much as they do for your brothers…Unless you’re raised with a father who is a Dolphins fanatic. I have been to way to many games from the comfort of my home and couch to the stiff seats on the stadiums stands. I have heard pep talks and lectures about the way he team works, all the players, the goals of the team since I was at the age of 6…probably supposed to be playing with Barbies. I was converted into a Dolphins fan and now there’s no going back. Now the fun part, we talk sports.

The Miami Dolphins have really been putting in work into their cap space, which was roughly around 33 million dollars at the start of free agency on March 12th. Now with about a month and a half left until the NFL Draft the Dolphins have used somewhere around 23 million dollars for an immediate cap hit for the 2014 season. With the Dolphins reportedly spending about $30 million in cap space the previous season on not even half of the amount of players that have they have signed for 2014 every Dolphins fan hopes for way more then just a slightly above average .500 season win percentage from a record of 8-8 in 2013.

To name a few big name standout signings such as resigning their 2013 Pro Bowl Cornerback Brent Grimes to a 4-year deal, Denver Broncos standout Super Bowl Running Back Knownshown Moreno to a 1-year deal as a short term fix to their mediocre run game, and one of the top three NFL Left Tackles in Branden Albert of the Kansas City Chiefs inking him to a 5-year deal at the start of Free Agency. All these big moves in Free Agency mean one thing for the Dolphins who have also recently brought in a new General Manager, Dennis Hickey who previously worked with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, PRODUCE RESULTS.

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