Examining the Belief That Future Generations are Smarter That Past Ones

I do not know how some people got the idea that every generation is smarter that the precedent generation. There is not such thing as a generation being smarter than another; there have been always smarter people in every generation, regardless of the age, culture, sex or economic position. For example, when a three year old child is playing with a tablet, people around tend to express admiration about how smart the child is, but if we place the same child in a position to play with a toy a child the same age used to play 30 years ago, the child would probably be unable to play with that toy. The main point is that it is not about the age or generation that makes a person smarter; it is how the person is able to respond in a healthy mental and emotional way to whatever situation stands in front of his or her.
Technology surrounding us is not a guarantee for young people to be classified as intelligent or computer geniuses, because as some young people specialize in specific areas of technology, others get occupied and distracted with the same technology. Someone could spend the entire day in front of a computer getting information from different channels, but it does not mean that information is bringing a better quality life to that person; the information the person is getting is often worthless when not digested correctly. It is often easy to look back and believe the future generations will be smarter than the past ones but the truth is every generation has geniuses, regardless of the technology that exists.

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