Exploitation or Empowerment

Journalists have been include a little to much information at times, mostly when it comes to pictures. Words can take you only so far in the mind, even with the best writers, however some of these pictures that are shown throughout papers and magazines shock and appall readers throughout the country. There are some mangled and bloody images, things that will make some sick to their stomach or weeping on the ground. There are multiple aspects of this story that come into play however.

There are images that come into the country to serve news that sicken me to look at and in which I wonder why they would even post them. They shock and awe to the point that you have to take a break from reading the article. Seeing some of the images published after natural disasters seem to have no respect for the unfortunate who had not made it through the tragedy and even go as far to show their loved ones in agony. It seems that the journalists have no respect for the suffering endured, however they need to emphasize what they want to say with just a flick of the wrist in writing.

However at the same time even though their pictures seem to be harsh and distasteful it is necessary to reach a lot of today’s society. Words are just words no matter how powerful the meaning. Even reading some of the articles today that should have a major affect on the reader may not quite get through the way the illustrator would like. Yes, the reader may become temporarily sad while reading but it soon dissipates. Therefore, even if they have had a upsetting moment for a small period of time it may not impact them enough to do something as an image might.

This is a very touchy subject, there are so many pictures out there that seem to be taken in bad form, but there is sometimes a need to show those images in order to spark the american public to actually do something to help. It may not be heavily endorsed by all but at times seems to be a necessary evil.

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