Exploring Technology Today and The Victims Who Have Been Kidnapped for Years

Every year in the country of Colombia, hundreds of citizens are kidnapped by groups that oppose the government. These groups, called guerrillas, capture their victims and keep them in the jungle for several years. Some of the captives have spent even up to fifteen years in the hands of the FARC guerrillas.
Recently one of the captives who became free was sharing how beyond traumatic a life of captivity was; one of the great shocks for him after being freed was to confront a whole new world completely different from the one he left before losing his freedom. He found a new world immersed in technology.
When people experience changes gradually, they do not realize how big those changes are; they get use to the changes and learn step-by-step without realizing how big the advancement is. For these captive people who spend several years in the jungle, technology has changed a great deal, which includes a completely new social, laboral and familiar environment.
For example for this kidnapped man he encountered a new television system; high definition instead of standard definition. Where families before had access to only two television channels, now they had hundreds of channels and in different languages. Almost every person on the streets has a cellphone, where before was only one phone per family attached to a wall getting connection trough a cable. Now people using the Internet to communicate one to each other, where regular mail was the way to communicate with others before.
Let us imagine for a moment what we could experience if we were taken out from our daily comfortable environment and that way we can appreciate even more the technological world in front of us.

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