Facebook Stock Optimism, What Will Probably Happen to the Social Media Goliath

The future of the social media goliath Facebook, since the original IPO or (initial public offering), did not look promising. The company that many people valued at billions of dollars came out with sluggish quarterly revenues, and since then the value of the company’s stock has plummeted significantly. Many people believe that a company of this magnitude that doesn’t actually create any materials or provide any services is doomed to failed, and that the stock is just a hoax to raise capital to an enterprise that will sooner or later become outdated or cease to hoard public optimism. Though many people feel the complete opposite way about this subject.

A company of this size, with the kind of reach and public growth that this one has had, is a company that with a little innovation and time will create a hefty profit to the investors that look to the lower stock prices of this company as a blessing in disguise. It is important to look into what a company has done in the past to get a feel of the future, any investor can even give you formulas to this fact, but it is critical to realize that this company is new and many of the markets it is in have been not only penetrated wisely but innovatively created. But where can this new innovation be take?

Well one of the recent news coming out of the Facebook press is that they are looking to impress investors with there adverting revenues in the mobile applications market. This to many may seem like a turn in the right direction, but it may be more significant then that. If Facebook can increase the amount of ads on their mobile applications then it may be time to realized that Facebook has a brighter future than initially predicted. The only thing that is left to do when this idea is becomes a reality is decide; What color would you like your new BMW to be?

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